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Meet our Pharmacy Healthcare Team!


                   Mohamed Alawlaqi                     Supervising Pharmacist 


                   Aktham Hussein

Aktham Hussein is our staff pharmacist who has been serving the Bay Ridge Community for over 25 years! His main are of expertise are natural remedies, specialty pharmacy and Lifestyle and Dietary Management! His years of expertise in the Bay Ridge area and in community pharmacy gives you the assurance you will be getting the care you deserve!


                    Bryan Ramirez
       Pharmacy Relations Representative 

Bryan Ramirez is our Pharmacy Relations Representative and one of our Technicians who has had over 6 years of experience in the community field. Graduating in Health Science this year, his main area of expertise is diet and lifestyle management as well as holistic changes to health rather than medicinal. His years of expertise and fluency in Spanish allows him to help the people he cares for the most and will be sure to provide the best quality care he can!

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Pharmacy Event Gallery 

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